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    More than ever before, doing business in Canada & USA means doing business around the world.  
         Like it or not, Canadian companies have to compete in the global market place dealing quickly and efficiently with suppliers and customers down the street or around the world.  
   And that means coming to terms with the increasingly complex business of trade. How do you steer a shipment through the maze of 10,000 tariff classifications, exemptions?  
        Administrative rules and regulations and special permit requirements? What do changes in NAFTA, WTO or EEC mean for your business or five years from now. How do you keep up with all the changes in the way we do things due to technological changes and revamping of legislations and regulations?
  It is not surprising that more and more companies turn to a Customs Broker for help. In fact, brokers clear more than 80 per cent of all shipments into Canada & USA. The vast majority of importers today rely on Brokers to avoid costly mistakes and to keep business moving.
         The reason is simple, qualified professional Customs Broker knows the nuts and bolts of international trade inside out. No one else has the knowledge, skills and experience to do the job.  
       A recent government survey found that for most importers, Customs Brokers are cost effective ?considerably cheaper than taking the risks of handling Customs transactions on there own.  
       It can take dozens of separate steps to clear even a routine shipment through Customs.
Picking up and verifying cargo control documents, preparing and submitting forms, determining tariff classifications and values for duty, coordinating with shippers couriers, Customs officials and government agencies. Few companies can afford the full time staff it takes just to handle the logistics involved.
       Few companies can afford a mistake along the way—the headaches and delays, business disruptions or the fines and penalties that may follow.  
       Customs Brokers do more than handle routine Customs transactions. They offer a range of services tailored to meet each client's needs.  
        Brokers are familiar with all aspects of international shipping from packaging and labeling requirements to domestic and foreign services. They can arrange the most cost- effective shipping of goods to and from Canada & USA, as well as points within the country.  
       A Broker's expertise in international trade is invaluable to Canadian exporters. Brokers can advise on export restrictions, letters of
credit, insurance requirements-as well as the foreign rules and regulations applied in the destination country.  
       Brokers regularly review tariff classifications applied to client shipments by Customs officials, to ensure that their clients pay the lowest possible duties and taxes and secure refunds or remissions.  In cases of dispute a client may be represented by a Broker before administrative tribunals.  
       Many importers rely on a Broker's expertise when considering new product lines, exploring new markets, or evaluating the impact on their business of changing regulations. Brokers can help with accurate, timely advice on international trends, statistical trade profiles or in house seminars such as NAFTA and compliance.  

       In the information age managing trade means managing information technology- and taking advantage of the competitive edge technology provides.  

       Customs procedures increasingly rely on automated systems for transmitting information as quickly and accurately as possible. Customs Brokers helped to develop those systems and are constantly working to make technology work for their client's benefit. They know what the new technologies can do- and not do. A Broker can show you how your company can take advantage of tomorrow's technology today.  

        Like an accountant or lawyer, the Customs Broker is a specialist, an expert at facilitating international trade in an increasingly complex environment. Brokers are essential members of the progressive business team –keeping you in the global market place.
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